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Hi friends, I am happy you are here and I feel blessed by the opportunity to get to share the beautiful and sacred practice of yoga with you. I have been a student of yoga since 2016 and received my 200hr certification in 2018. It was not long after beginning my own personal practice that I felt called to share the gifts + benefits of yoga with others. It was in 2013 when I was hospitalized from a severe eating disorder. I spent years at war with my body, putting it through chronic over exercising and under eating. My mind + body always operating as separate entities. Disassociated and disconnected from my physical self. Although post treatment care included many years of talk therapy to support my emotional wellbeing, I never felt reconnected to my vessel until I took my first yoga class. At the end of my first class, I laid in Shavasana with tears rolling down my face. I felt at home, at ease and in tune with myself, a feeling I was uncertain I would ever experience again. As I continued to practice I began to feel my hunger cues kick in, my anxious mind became more at ease and I could identify the spots in my body that harbored the trauma I had put it through. Yoga helped me release what WAS and embrace what IS — letting go of old engrained habits. It taught me a more holistic way to move and treat my body and birthed a new relationship with myself. It was in the studio where I felt okay to be exactly who I was / am. It was through yoga that I felt most loved by my teachers, fellow practitioners, and most importantly learned to love myself again. It was where I found my community. As a teacher I aim to carry a continuation of this unconditional love. I aim to provide a safe place where you feel at home & accepted exactly as you are. I hope to help guide you back to yourself, through strategic movement that connects you to your physical being and assist you in discovering mental ease via the breath work. I hope to help ignite peace + love within so we can collectively spread it one another… not only within the walls of the studio but out into the world.


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