Natalia was born in a small city in the middle of Russia. She spent her early childhood in the Soviet Union where all information about yoga was forbidden. Her first experience with yoga was at the age of 13 when she received her first book about yoga and memorized all six asanas it described, adding them to her morning routine. Beyond that, it was impossible to find yoga classes or teachers.


She started her own business at 21 and forgot about my yoga practice for long 9 years my life was so busy but very interesting and stressful so I started get sick and facing with cancer depression and fatigue I decided to learn different way of living. I started traveling a lot learning psychology and looking for way to be healthy happy and full of energy all the time. That time I visited United States first time and been certified as trance coach working with people who have trauma and stress was very interesting and healing for me as well. At the same time I found information about raw vegan food and it’s immediately took all my interest. When I started changing my food habits it’s turned out a more challenging than I was thinking. By the time in Russia already appears lost of yoga studios and even tv channel where you can found different types of yoga and fineness. I remember first year I just been watching people doing kundalini yoga and thinking for myself: “it’s such a strange yoga but it captured my attention”. And I remember I had a very bad junk food cravings and somehow my brain reminded me about this kundalini yoga on TV and I did one lesson and I felt so much better so I decided to practice it. Since that I am practicing kundalini yoga 7 years and 4 years teaching. I moved to United States three years ago and I am so happy to live in such a beautiful place surrounded forest and mountains. All what I was thinking about it how I can share kundalini yoga and One year ago I I was certified as a yoga teacher here in United States and so glad I can share my kundalini yoga and gong meditation passion. I also very interested in Vinyasa yoga and Ashtanga yoga and been practicing it over year and ready to learn and teach and exchanging information with my students and other teachers.


With love and hugs, Natalia