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Shea Samaniego.jpeg

Shea is a yoga teacher, based in Ellensburg, a Seattle native. She aims to inspire others through

yoga by being a student first, and a teacher second. Shea enjoys (along with yoga) hiking,

climbing, biking, spending time with her three rescue dogs, quality time with loved ones,

writing, studying yogic philosophy and living a yogic life style. Shea strives for balance in all

aspects of life, she believes this is the key to living a good life. She is passionate about health

and wellness, living actively and growing through that. Yoga has become her favorite tool.

She is determined to serve and empower people through sharing and guiding yoga. Her strong

and mindful flow is developed to help gain body awareness, allow individuals to recognize their

own unique strengths in their practice and spread loving-kindness and gratitude for everything

our practice does for us.


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