Ashley is a wife and a cat mom. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing violin, and being active outdoors. Ashley had an early introduction to health and fitness by seeing her father run half-marathons and some marathons while she grew up. However, she was not too fond of it during Jr. High when they made everyone run during gym class. Once in high school, she joined the tennis team. That's when the passion for health and fitness, grew. 


While attending Western Washington University, she had an amazing experience being on the rowing team. Her major changed from violin performance to Exercise Science (Kinesiology), and graduated in 2011. At this point, yoga hadn't been a part of her life yet. Upon graduating, she married and started working as a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) and eventually became a Health Care Aide (HCA). Between those two positions is when she started attending local yoga classes. This is where the possibility of teaching started. Ashley always wanted to try Trapeze Yoga or Ariel Silks, but did not have access to a studio. Until she moved to Kittitas County. 


During her time as an HCA, she found an opportunity to apprentice under a Trapeze Yoga teacher while she completed the training herself through Yogabody in 2019. She then went on to be certified in Gravity Yoga later that year, and became a nutrition coach in early 2021. Due to Ashley's experience as a PTA and caregiver, her yoga classes have a theraputic feel to them, but can also bring some heat when needed. She understands that everyone is unique, and has their own journey. She also hopes to bring calm and strength to people.