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We are a yoga and wellness center that promotes and provides a place for spiritual and physical well-being, in a beautiful and warm setting. Each instructor is certified and works to empower your practice wherever you are in your journey. We encourage individuals of all fitness levels to learn, grow, and enjoy our elite and unique class opportunities. Join us at Sucasa Yoga and begin your journey to a healthier, more balanced life. 



Co-Owner, Yin & Vinyasa Flow

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Co-Owner, Yin, Restorative 

& Vinyasa Flow



Yin & Vinyasa 

Meet the Team
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QiGong Flow

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Breath Vitality



Strong Vinyasa Flow

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Vinyasa- Satya Flow & Restorative Yoga

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Mindful Movement, Restorative, Yin & Yoga Nidra

Meditation by the Sea
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Hatha Yoga, HIIT Strength

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Genesis Flow



Baptiste Style Vinyasa Yoga

Meditation by the Sea
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Gentle and Chair Yoga

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Fusion Flow

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Dynamic Power Flow

Meditation by the Sea
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Spiritual Lecture and Meditation



Reset Meditation

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Warm Power Vinyasa

Class Descriptions

Genesis Flow

Genesis Flow is a Vinyasa flow class (linking breath with movement), emphasizing Hatha principles of alignment and safety. Genesis Flow incorporates breath practice (pranayama), mindfulness practice, mudra, and mantra along with Ayurvedic principles of seasonal consideration to create a safe space to care for your mind, body, and spirit. This class will set your week off right, cultivating the energy, creativity, and health needed to tackle the demands of the week ahead. Genesis Flow is all-body-friendly, joyful, and thoughtful. All skills levels are welcome.

Breath Vitality

No experience needed, only requirement is to come as you are. Breath is fundamental in our aliveness and enhances our wildness and resiliency. This class will guide you through simple and powerful breath practices that are accessible to all beings in all forms. Intentionally participating with curiosity and courage will open the self to receive the medicine within you. Leaving experience and expectation at the door will release you to journey alongside the breath to wherever your system needs to be. Let go and flow. There is no one method, one technique, or one way to breathe. This is a multidisciplinary class where you will experience many breath protocols.

Discover your inner landscape within your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Notice your state of being altered by your state of breathing. Receive guidance to challenge beyond the borders of self limiting patterns. Release tension, release self, release breath and practice regulating the autonomic nervous system. Breath connects us to our inner nature and when we activate these practices we gain greater connection to all nature. 

QiGong Flow

‘Qi' means energy
'Gong' means to work with a skill
QiGong Flow classes emphasize the wisdom of the body and its vital connection to nature. The heart of this simple and effective practice is to refine our sensitivity to the abundance of life force energy within and all around us. Whether you are a beginner at yoga or a veteran, this class has something new to offer everyone who wants to connect body and mind and build self-awareness.  In this class you can expect to experience a variety of mindfulness techniques including movement, meditation, tapping, visualization, breathing, self-massage and sound training.

Dynamic Power Flow w/Stefan

This power flow series combines elements of Ashtanga Yoga with the more rhythmic elements of Vinyasa. There will be a lot of movement, and a lot of sweat, as most of the practice is performed in the standing postures. The Sun Salutations will root you throughout, with additional poses incorporated into the salutations that will build upon each other during the peak section of the series. Stefan's hope is that it will come to feel like a dance. Mindful focus on the breath is key, as the energy of the flow will challenge you. Some postures will be held for extended periods, so focus, strength and mindfulness to proper alignment is crucial; not only for the performance of the postures, but more importantly, to avoid injury. Also, Stefan is an alignment nerd. The back end of the practice will utilize seated postures for a soft landing at the conclusion. A core belief in yoga is that the citta, the mind, is naturally peaceful. So it’s Stefan's hope that through vigorous practice, you can return your busy mind to it's more natural state of calm. YOGA EXPERIENCE NEEDED

Hatha (with Karra)

Hatha focuses on breath and alignment. Meditation, pranayama (breathwork), asana (postures), and muscle activation techniques* are used to balance the mind, move mindfully and move safely. Standing poses are typically held for 3-5 breaths or more; inviting you to settle in and feel a pose. The longer holds to allow a little more time for exploration, stillness, and inward connection.

A typical class begins with meditation and pranayama to become present and bring awareness inward. With the breath we'll move through a warm-up and muscle activation techniques to prepare for a variety of asana; sun salutations, standing poses, balancing poses, inversions, and back-bends. Then wind down with counter-poses to balance our body and energy in seated, supine, or prone positions, ending with a grounding relaxation and meditation.

*Muscle activation strengthens the neuromuscular connection (the brain to muscle connection) allowing your muscles to contract and contract on demand. When that connection is strengthened it improves muscle control, stability, movement efficiency, and range of motion.

Hatha w/Jules

This class combines the flow of Vinyasa with the discipline of Hatha. When you can't find the ability to sit still, release your excess energy, or relax your mind, this engaging class is for you! Starting off with an easy Vinyasa to warm up the body and create stability in the muscles, we will flow into longer held Hathic poses to build heat, and energize the body and mind. We will finish with breathwork and meditation techniques to fully cleanse the body and the mind. This class is a good workout and a deep stretch, suitable to challenge beginners and advanced yogis alike, with many options for modifications.

Strong Vinyasa Flow

Using Vinyasa, or the careful linking of breath and movement, this dynamic class focuses on building stamina, stability, and balance through a moderate flow to build inner strength and confidence. Options for arm balances, inversions, balancing, and other techniques may be offered.

Sunrise Sangha

'Sangha' means community. In Sunrise Sangha we share insight, a sense of connectedness to all things, and a similar drive toward a higher purpose. We are a group of individuals seeking expansion and breadth in our yoga practice through mindfulness, meditation, study of yogic philosophy & journaling. Sunrise Sangha is not exercised based, although we do use gentle movement to release tension, connect with our breath & balance energy. Raising our collective vibration and supporting each other through the processes of healing and growth is an essential component of our Sangha. Reflection, experiences, and aspirations are often shared among the group during class. We are looking for members to join our tribe. Come restore, reflect & align your life with a higher purpose at Sunrise Sangha. We welcome you to bring a journal, yoga mat and cozy blanket to class. If you do not have these, they will be provided for you.  

Vinyasa Flow (with Shay)

Join us in this Vinyasa yoga class designed to help students build strength, increase flexibility and cultivate a strong mind and body connection through breath. Vinyasa yoga is a sequence of poses (asanas) that flow together linking breath to movement generating heat in the body while focusing on core strengthening to ensure proper alignment. Set to rhythmic music in our warm tranquil studio space. Yoga experience is recommended for this class, but not needed. Props: yoga block, strap.

Vinyasa Flow (with Amy)

This class is 75 minutes and TOTALLY worth it!! We warm up by slowly starting to move our bodies, preparing for several rounds of sun salutations and balancing asanas or postures. We finish off with a refreshing cool down, slowing down our breath, lingering a little bit longer in our poses to finish with a beautiful Savasana. Set to rhythmic music in our warm tranquil studio space. Yoga experience is recommended for this class, but not needed. Props: yoga mat, block, strap

Yin Yoga w/Restorative 

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga, mostly seated, with postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time. Poses will be held for 2-5 minutes depending on the pose and level of experience of the student. Yin yoga poses apply moderate stress to connective tissues of the body- the tendons, fascia, and ligaments- with the aim of increasing blood flow to the joints and improving flexibility. We start the class with a five minute meditation and then move into 60 minutes of Yin postures, ending with a long-held Restorative pose and a luscious Savasana. A more meditative approach to yoga, Yin aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality. Slow down, breath, find stillness and do YIN with us. Props: Bolster, two blocks, blanket.

Karra's Combo- HIIT/Strength Class

Karra's Combo is a 45-minute full-body workout combining high-intensity interval training with strength training. This fun and challenging class will improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase your metabolism, and build strength. Options to use free weights, bodyweight, or modifications. 

This is a great addition to your yoga practice. Come sweat and have fun while reaching your fitness goals! All are welcome. 

Afternoon Reset Meditation

Take a midday break to release, recharge and reset so you can bring your best self to the second half of the day. This class will begin with a guided exploration to get you centered and super relaxed so you can drift off with pure consciousness and connect with the cosmos. Meditation connects you deeper with your higher self and pure consciousness, and in doing so helps you make better decisions, be less reactive and be more in harmony with yourself and others.


No experience necessary. Ages 13 and up welcome. 

Warm Power Vinyasa

Mackenzie invites you to join a warm power vinyasa practice to super charge your week with a calm, focused energy.  A slow beginning focused on breathwork and one topical concept selected from yoga philosophy will build into an intentional pose (asana) sequence. The first time each pose is visited, cueing will be offered along with 3-5 breaths. After enjoying the mind-quieting act of slowing down time, we will link breath to movement to remind you of your balance and strength. You can then expect the sequence to build to a peak, a point of challenge to re-invigorate the passion and sense of wonder in your practice.  Class is set to upbeat, ambient music. 


Yoga experience is recommended for this class, but not needed. 

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