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Greetings loved ones, I AM Micaiah but most know me as “Kai.” I am a healer, empath, spiritual based life coach, and lightworker. Growing up with spiritual abuse (former fundamentalist Christian) with my grandfather at the helm of our neat little cult, in a home where there was spousal abuse, and being birthed into the world naturally sensitive, high functioning, and curious, I’ve had my fair share of challenges to say the least. I have spent the last few years of my life trying to figure out what it was exactly that I wanted to do in the world. Originally my interest started with the military (I wanted to be an SF medic) and the beginning of my journey of personal growth took off rapidly (and messily) when I joined a privately run special ops leadership group called the Warrior Leader Project. While being in that group I decided that it wasn’t in alignment for me to join, but I still retained many of the lessons learned, enjoy many parts of military culture, and still have many friends from that group. This was the first place I really started deconstructing a lot of the B.S. from my life, but there was *so much more* to do (and there always will be, that’s the game here). During and after that group I did everything from trying to sell cars, life insurance, working for an armored cash transport company, floundering being self-employed, selling cars again, and jumping from one idea to the next. Eventually my own desire for truth and light smacked me square in the face last year (and this year too) in the best and most wonderful way possible. It came to the forefront of my awareness that my mission here on earth is no small thing, and that is of leading others back to their own light, love, joy, power, and peace. I have spent years listening to and studying countless hours of information regarding the subconscious mind, personal development, spirituality, fitness, holistic health, communication, leadership, and the like. I have spent some time doing men’s embodiment work as well with men such as Wes Kennedy, Soma Miller, and The Sacred Sons group.  I have also been through many dark nights of the soul, and a *lot* of emotional turmoil and pain. I have dabbled in studying a variety of religious views from native American spirituality, to Scandinavian paganism, Taoism, Buddhism, Stoic philosophy, not to mention growing up being indoctrinated into a Scottish Reformed Presbyterian group called the RPNA/RPNA GM. 


In the end this is my desire: To take everything I have experienced and learned, bring it to the world in the tender and raw way that I show up, and leave those who come into contact with me feeling more full of source, divine love, kindness, power, awakening, and peace.





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